"Their genuine approach... the most positive, straightforward and stress-free..."

Our recent experience selling our home with "The Kings" of real estate was the most positive, straightforward and stress-free of any of the ten involvements we have had with real estate agents over the years.

Having previously bought our home through Terry and Diana King five years earlier, we already felt confident with their knowledge of the local market and comfortable with their approach to selling properties.

We felt we were given an honest and accurate assessment of the property, not some exaggerated figure that sounded attractive in order for them to secure the listing. We also liked the fact that we were not expected to go to auction which has been our experience in the past.

We have always found The Kings professional and we like their genuine approach, so it was a very easy decision to trust them with the sale of our property. Our home sold within weeks of it being listed and we were thrilled with the result.

Susan and Shaun Drylie


"People. People. People."

Terry and Diana sold our house with:
No blanket marketing
No "open to all" open homes
No Trademe listing
No photos, and
No negotiation!

Terry and Diana sold our house exactly as they said they would, with "people selling houses to people". All buyers were introduced by Terry and Diana because of their Remuera Register and their embeddedness in the Remuera market.

We agreed a price with Terry before the process was begun. Within a week Terry had an offer at that asking price, on exactly the terms we had agreed. All the negotiation was done by Terry with the buyer, with the final terms exactly as we had sought.

A painless, even "easy", process. Thanks again.

Tony and Vanessa McNaught


"Sold to the next person through the door... at the asking price! No negotiation even required."
This is just a quick note to thank you both for your fantastic job in selling our house. Your invaluable advice to reconfigure the bedroom and living space was definitely the right one. Once we finally succumbed, our home sold to the next person through the door, at the asking price! No negotiation even required. You can't ask for better than that.
Both Richard and I were very impressed with your precise execution and planning from start to finish. We eventually left everything in your capable hands and were rewarded immensely. We could not have been happier.
We will surely recommend your talents to our friends in the area. And if anyone requires a verbal reference, please pass on our phone numbers.
Thank you both again, and we are looking forward to you finding us a new home!
Kate & Richard Thode


"Sold prior to the marketing campaign even starting... As their logo claims, it really is a matter of matching the right people to the house... "
I chose to have Terry and Diana sell my property after having the pleasure of meeting with them a few years ago when I was looking around for a house to buy. I didn't end up purchasing the house from them that time but I never forgot their personal style of collaboration and discussion mixed with a sound base of integrity and honesty. It was a lovely experience being able to chat openly with the vendor and agent over a cup of tea.
Fast-forward three years and I am in the finishing touches for my renovations. Terry went out of his way to help with anything he could in order to get the ball rolling when things were stalled. He found answers to questions, was used as a sounding board for ideas and provided honest feedback. He once told me when I got a bit stressed, he was also available for hugs! I was always kept informed and updated with any news or feedback and the house sold prior to the marketing campaign even starting.
The whole process was painless and quick. As their business logo claims, it really is a matter of matching the right people to the house. Terry and Diana get it right. I'll be using them again and recommend their expertise to all.
Lisa Perko


"An absolute pleasure to deal with, and a home sold in 4 days through the Register"
The sale of our home was stress-free thanks to the professional dealings of Terry and Diana. Their experience in the Remuera market means the most suitable buyers for your property are brought through the home, therefore there is no time wasted in having to open your home to people who "may" be interested.
Due to Terry's experience we found his advice throughout the process to be sensible and logical. We also enjoyed a few giggles along the way!
The benefits of using a small husband and wife team were countless, and I could not recommend them highly enough.
Megan Haslop


"Good old-fashioned courtesy, communication and honesty... They know our area, both the houses and the people..."
Good old-fashioned courtesy, communication and honesty, coupled with up-to-date, professional knowledge and analysis - that was my experience with Terry and Diana.
Other agents told me they would get a lot of people through the door. Terry and Diana told me they would find the buyer that suited my house. That's what they did, with the minimum of fuss and with respect for our privacy.
They know our area, both the houses and the people; they are the perfect agents for this area.
Wendy Hawke


"Terry makes the whole process effortless whether you are a purchaser or vendor..."
I was not looking at selling my house for another six months or so, but Terry called me one day and asked if he could bring a genuine buyer to look at it. I had bought this house through Remuera Register after they sold my original home so Terry knew this property well. I wasn't expecting anything to come of the viewing but agreed anyway... the next day I had an offer on the table that I was very happy with, and a week later I owned a new home courtesy of Terry and Diana. Just like that!
Terry makes the whole process effortless whether you are a purchaser or vendor, and he attends to the smallest detail so there is no stress involved.
So thank you, Terry and Diana, for all your hard work! We are very excited about moving to our new home next week and loved the way you presented it to us. I would obviously recommend Remuera Register to anyone and can't wait to see if you knock on our door in another 3 years.
Wendy Francis-Ching


"They are honest, reliable... All requests are carried out with efficiency and good humour..."
Terry and Diana are totally professional in all aspects of your dealings with them. Nothing is too much trouble and requests are carried out with efficiency and good humour.
They are honest, reliable and just wanting to make things happen to get the deal done. We would have no hesitation in recommending Terry and Diana to anyone wanting to sell or buy a property through them.
Thank you, it was a pleasure to work with you both.
Nick and Kim Sharp


"The Remuera Register method of selling homes has proven to be an ideal, non-invasive solution..."
After owning and living in my home for nearly 28 years, it was always going to be a scary and stressful situation selling it. The Remuera Register method of selling homes has proven to be an ideal, non-invasive solution.
Terry is completely professional - understanding, knowledgeable, negotiable, supportive and fair, offers good advice - as well as having a great sense of humour!
I couldn't be happier with Terry's processes and service. Matching my home to the new owner without the pressure of having to agree to overpriced advertising campaigns, open homes and the all too common auction, has brought about a perfect sale and a happy outcome for all.
All best wishes to you Terry and Diana.
Alex Ryan


"Remuera Register's process is very simple [for purchasers and vendors]... within days we had purchased..."
After a long time looking for a property with a tennis court, Terry finally found us one by contacting one of his old clients off-market.
We were the first and only people to look at the property and within days we had purchased. Terry also sorted the vendor out with another property within weeks.
Remuera Register's process is very simple [for purchasers and vendors] relative to the other 100 open homes we went to. Thanks Terry and Diana.
Hugh and Cecilia Lambie


"The house sold within 48 hours of listing... and was exactly the experience that I was promised"
Selling my house with the Kings at the Remuera Register was exactly the experience that I was promised. It was simple, transparent to all parties and amazingly stress-free! It felt fair and completely logical.
From the beginning I felt I could trust Terry and Diana and their process. Communication was straightforward and honest, punctuality was impressive and their assistance with any issues in preparing the house for market was appreciated.
The house sold within 48 hours of listing, without a big and expensive marketing campaign, without disruptive open homes and without the drama (on both sides) of an auction. All this happened during the school holidays with the children continuing with their normal lives and with visitors in residence.
I would recommend the Kings without hesitation.
Margie Weston


"We really did appreciate the process you used and your commitment to getting a great outcome..."
Terry, Diana and their team at Remuera Real Estate Register really do have a different approach to selling real estate.
They delivered an efficient, effective, stress-free (well mostly!) experience and, most importantly, an excellent outcome from the sale of our Remuera property.
Terry brings with him a wealth of commercial experience and was creative, articulate and thoughtful in his approach to selling our property.
We found it refreshing and it gave us confidence that we would indeed find the right buyer for our property, which of course Terry did!
Jennifer & Bernard Duignan



"You set our expectations very clearly ... you negotiated us a great deal we were happy to accept ... from our very first contact you inspired trust and confidence"
Mike and I wanted to thank you for the smooth sale of our home.
We were a bit cautious about approaching the property market as the media reports are of turbulence and volatility, but from our very first contact you inspired trust and confidence. Your obvious previous business experience and knowledge meant you 'spoke' our language.
We like the Remuera Register marketing approach. You are right, there is no need to go through the process and expense of a full print media campaign, running open homes and possibly an auction. Remuera Register's targeted marketing strategy saves time as well as money.
You set our expectations very clearly from the start in terms of what you would do, and how the sale campaign would play out. Everything you said you would do was done.
You were brilliant in keeping us up to date with viewings and buyer feedback. You didn't talk up our property before you listed it, then talk it down once we had the first showings.
You negotiated us a great deal that we were happy to accept. Then you were a willing adviser for us when we were looking at other homes to purchase. We have been really impressed by your skills. Communication par excellence. Our whole 'home move' has been a positive experience. Thank you.
Jen & Mike Riley



"In the end it's results that count. The Kings deliver results"
Terry and Diana operate a boutique business focused on Remuera. Their knowledge is extensive.
The Kings take real estate to a professional level from the day they present their services, the methodology of the sale process, client selection, through to negotiation and settlement.
Their style is unusually refreshing in what is often a commission-fuelled business.
The thoroughly professional approach they take with their clients makes what can be a stressful time a pleasurable experience.
In the end it's results that count. The Kings deliver results.
If you are buying or selling in Remuera you'd be wise to talk to Terry and Diana first. Undoubtedly the best real estate experience we have had.
Janine & Graeme Beckett


"Within 40 minutes the house was sold for an excellent price ... it appears 'matching people with property' is indeed the only way to go"
The Remuera Register is without doubt the best real estate experience we have had by far - the most slick and professional team we've ever dealt with.
Terry and Diana told us they had a buyer on their register who would love our home and would buy it - big promise! But they were right.
Without any marketing or fuss or a single open home, they brought the family from their register through, and within 40 minutes the house was sold for an excellent price.
It appears 'matching people with property' is indeed the only way to go.
Terry and Diana then seamlessly transitioned us into our new home with the most thoughtful professionalism and ease.
They dealt with all parties with total integrity ... handling us, our children, and all our myriad of questions without ever batting an eyelid.
We have never encountered such slick, quick and painless real estate transactions, and highly recommend their services to anyone after a top-shelf, comprehensive, stress-free real estate experience.
Kate Hawkesby
"They are a team who truly put the interests of their clients first"

We have come to that time of life when we have made a decision about leaving our family home of 50+ years and moving to an apartment where care is available if necessary. Trouble is, we have very little experience of the world of real estate, and have been very apprehensive about the selling process we have seen others endure ... advertising, staging, marketing programs, open homes, auction and so on.

Then, we came upon information about the Remuera Real Estate Register, specialists in the area and with a different approach - selling by agreed price and targeting buyers who are suited to the property. No auction, no open home to all who want to come and who may be merely curious. Could this work?

Terry and Diana King paid us a visit and advised on a process to sell the property. It was all very straight forward and we were impressed with the clear and open approach of Terry and Diana. We decided to proceed, so Terry created a listing description. His use of the language was exactly fitting - accurate, yet making us think of our familiar property in a different way. Together with great photographs, we thought it looked so good, we should buy it ourselves.

The property went to market on a Friday morning and was sold unconditionally later that day. We were, and still are, amazed at the ease and speed at which this whole sale process was concluded. No stress, no extended visitor program, no hoardings - just focus and an excellent result.

So, if you are considering selling your property, we would highly recommend you talk to Terry and Diana. They are a team who truly put the interests of their clients first.

Hilary and Bob Howard



"Their approach is fresh and original, and makes selling a breeze"
If you want agents who are discreet, professional and deliver on everything they say they are going to, then look no further than Terry and Diana. Their approach is fresh and original, and makes selling a breeze. No issue is too big and any wrinkles are ironed out with a "can-do" attitude. Having now bought in St Mary's Bay our only disappointment is that we didn't have an opportunity to deal with Terry and Diana as purchasers.
Graeme Hall and Sally Chrisp



"No stress, no fuss ... it all happened while we relaxed with our family on Vomo Island!"
Thanks Terry and Diana for your very professional and passionate approach to the sale of our Remuera house. It all happened while we relaxed with our family on Vomo Island, and the prompt result you achieved in under three weeks was to our complete satisfaction. We can't speak highly enough of you both in recommending your unique "Register" to any prospective vendor. Well done!
John and Jacqui Sharp



"Quite clearly, we could not have done this without you..."
As you know we completed on Dilworth on Monday this week. It has been a bit of a whirl sorting things out, but we are just about there. Elaine and I wanted to thank you for your assistance and support with the sale process, and for your effective, knowledgeable and totally professional approach to the whole process. Quite clearly, we could not have done this without you, however your easy style and experience made it very much easier for us. Thank you.
Andrew and Elaine Martin



"They think outside the box and get results"
We fully recommend Remuera Real Estate Register as your real estate agent. We have found them to be highly efficient, personable and pro-active. They think outside the box and get results. Due to the fact that they use a register of potential buyers and sellers, open homes are usually not necessary ... what a bonus! You can do no better than using the Kings of Real Estate.
Margot and Paul Leighs 


"We never realised that selling and buying ... could be so seamless and stress-free"
We are living proof of the polished operation and success of the Remuera Register - we had three people through our property on the first day it was on the market, and sold to the second people through on that same day. We were extremely happy with that outcome. Then within a day, Terry and Diana found us a property that they thought would be perfect for us, which it was, and on that same day our offer for that property was accepted. We never realised that selling and buying real estate could be so seamless and stress-free. Terry and Diana have dleivered us a faultless result. We would highly recommend them to any people wanting to sell or buy real estate in our area.
Charlotte Macdonald


"They are highly professional... and really went that extra mile..."
Terry and Diana King were fantastic to work with. From that first meeting they gave an intelligent, considered, energetic approach to the marketing and sale of my home. They are highly professional, great communicators and really went that extra mile.
Luise Lockwood (vendor 724B Remuera Rd)


"All in all we had a very positive experience and a very successful sale."
We have recently sold our Remuera home and had the good fortune to select the Remuera Register and the Kings to act for us as our agents. We found they had a profound knowledge of the local area real estate and excellent contacts within the industry. They were helpful with suggestions and were able to follow our instructions with a minimum of fuss. All in all we had a very positive experience and a very successful sale. Thank you Diana and Terry.
Esther and Peter
"Diana and Terry are true professionals in their industry."
We initially listed our house with one of the large real estate firms, and despite an intensive 4-month marketing program, it failed to sell. Our house was architecturally designed and plaster clad, and was in very good condition; but we were against the flow of market sentiments on plaster-clad houses.
Terry and Diana sold our place in four weeks!  And it was done with the desired ideal outcome of selling at our asking price.
Notwithstanding that, we wish to comment on the manner in which the Kings conducted themselves. They were very honest and transparent in their dealings with us. They tell us things as they see it, no euphemisms or innuendos. All in all, our spirits were kept intact throughout the process by Terry’s staunch belief (continually communicated to us) that he could sell the house.
Diana and Terry are true professionals in their industry; and Terry King .......what a legend!  Use him.
Jenny & Alfred Chang  (vendor of 32 Mahoe Avenue) 
"It was a pleasure to purchase and then sell our house with Terry and Diana King..."
From our perspective they definitely “match people with properties”.  Their database of potential buyers ensured we sold our home within one week of listing.
Their personal service and relationship with their clients meant we were given the opportunity to meet with the vendors of the home we now live in, prior to putting in our offer.  This gave us the opportunity to ask the vendors all the questions we wanted and gave the vendors the opportunity to tell us in their own words why they had enjoyed living in their home as much as they had.  This made our decision to purchase very easy.
 On the day we purchased, we signed with Terry and Diana to sell our home.  Our home was photographed the following day and Terry then presented us with 3 offers one week later.  They worked hard over that week to match appropriate people within their database to our home which culminated in them opening our home to their database over the weekend.  This turnaround exceeded all our expectations and within 3 weeks from listing we were able to move into our new home.
We couldn’t have dealt with a better team to sell our home. They provided us with fantastic support around the marketing plan and we believe this and their relationship with the potential buyers on their database made the difference in selling our property.  From our perspective it was a very stress-free process and one we actually enjoyed.  Therefore we would have no hesitation in recommending Terry and Diana to anyone looking to list their property on the market.
Susan and Nigel (vendor of 214 Victoria Ave and purchaser of 45 Portland Rd) 
"We are advocates."
A fantastic outcome achieved in a very short space of time. We are advocates.
David & Michelle Boyes (vendor of 45 Orakei Rd) 
"Your help and encouragement was vital..."
We asked you to sell our house because you listened, promised to stay the distance and, most of all, assured us you would find the right buyer.
You did. You kept your promises. Your representation was always the most professional.
The marketing video, with you fronting was such a hit, so effective we got the global reach we needed.
Your print campaigns kept the market alive without breaking our budget.
Your help and encouragement was vital. You truly made the difference.
Thanks again,
Craig and Nickola


"We are very happy with the outcome..."
Terry and Diana understand and appreciate great design and have an affinity for the "fine details" of period homes. They understood the work that had gone into our renovation and matched us with a buyer whom they knew held similar values.  We were very happy with the outcome.
Stephen Penny


"They are passionate and committed.."
We found Terry and Diana were a great team to work with, firstly as vendors and then as buyers. They are passionate and committed to finding the right fit and getting people into a property that ticks all the boxes. Terry assisted us in selling our home successfully, and managed to get us into a new property very swiftly. Whilst he was acting for the vendor he made sure our expectations were met, and found a quick resolution, with our sale, purchase and move all completed within two and a half weeks. Very impressive - and a huge relief to all three parties! Whether you are looking to sell or buy a house, I would gladly recommend the team at Remuera Register. As Terry says, you don’t need a hundred potential buyers, you just need the right one!
Wendy Francis-Ching (purchaser and vendor)


"Perfect match!"

I am currently living in Melbourne, Australia, and was interested in purchasing an investment property in central Auckland with potential to build. Having dealt with Terry and Diana in the past, they were my first port of call on a short visit back to the City of Sales. Within 30 minutes, Terry had found the ideal listing which fitted our criteria. Terry knows my family, and tastes and 'simply matched us with property' in line with their wonderful philosophy of the Remuera Register. I would like to thank Diana and Terry for their unrelenting personal service, which made the whole process, which could potentially be very stressful, a pleasure. Terry and Diana have a great grasp on good architecture and interior design, which has been great to bounce ideas off for improving the property's value. I highly recommend this lovely couple!

John McCabe (purchaser of 27 Ngaiwi Rd)


"...I really appreciate...the lengths you went to to make the sale go ahead..."
Just a wee note to say thank you for the sale of our house at Bassett Road. I really appreciated your sense of humour and fun and the lengths you went to to make the sale go ahead!

Cath Bayly (56C Bassett Road)


"...I have dealt with other real estate agents but I think you (Diana) and Terry are fantastic..."
I really like your customer service skills. The way you deal with clients is how I dealt with my clients when I was working in retail for The Flight Centre.... I have dealt with other real estate agents but I think you (Diana) and Terry are fantastic.

Marsha Tan

"...The Register approach is the future of real estate and worked just as they said it could..."
When we first approached the Kings to sell our house, we had been down a year-long, tiring and expensive Code of Compliance battle with the Council and were exhausted by the entire real estate process before we’d even begun. But, like any other vendor, we interviewed most of the major agencies and had various ‘super-stars’ of real estate pitch to sell our property. When we summarised what they were each proposing, they were essentially all the same: an expensive marketing campaign, followed by weeks of open homes and a nerve-wracking auction.
But when the Kings approached us, their proposition was entirely different: no advertising, no open homes, and no auctions--but they could get us a quick sale for a great price to a pre-registered buyer.
By this time, not only had we already bought a new house, we had three teenage daughters, an 11-month old baby and I was seven-months pregnant with the next one; the idea of keeping the house immaculately clean for weeks of open homes filled me with dread, and an auction just weeks before my due date would have sent me into early labour. “Stressed”, “exhausted” and “anxious” doesn’t even begin to describe how I was feeling. The Kings’ approach was just what we needed, and met us where we were at.
Terry and Diana took their hand-picked registered buyers through the house and within 12 days the house was sold for a price that had us smiling. There was no fuss, no hassle, no advertising costs and throughout it all, we had respectful, understanding and friendly agents who helped shoulder our anxiety before eliminating it entirely.
I couldn’t recommend Terry and Diana highly enough as agents. They are articulate, professional, warm and compassionate. They don‘t just sell real estate--they understand the deeply emotional feelings that go into selling (and buying) your family home--and your biggest financial asset. The Register approach is the future of real estate and worked just as they said it could. You don’t need a hundred potential buyers to come through one of many open homes; you only need the right buyer who is motivated and already registered with the Kings. Easy!
Emma Conyngham (50 Kelvin Road) 
"...Our experience of going with the Kings was 100% positive and we have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the King's to any other prospective sellers..."
Many years ago now we moved to England from NZ though we held on to our house in Auckland (just in case we decided to come back!). We did try to sell our property some years ago through another estate agent though without success. Recently we decided to try again and placed our property in Terry King's hands. At first we were a bit apprehensive about trying to sell given our remoteness coupled with the fact we had not been back to NZ for so long. To be honest we really didn't think it would be possible for us to make a sale unless we got on a plane and came back to NZ. However, right from our first phone meeting with Terry we were impressed with his approach. He thought through how best to market the property and planned out a sales strategy for the property which we all agreed. Terry worked tirelessly and eventually, when Terry suggested a revised approach, he got us that elusive sale we strived for. At every step of the way towards the sale Terry kept us well informed. We remained in constant communication both by email and phone so we never felt out of the loop. Our experience of going with the Kings was 100% positive and we have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the Kings to any other prospective sellers (particularly those living overseas!) Thanks again Terry.
Darren & Claire Ainsworth, England  
“... Thumbs up to Terry and Diana, a cut above other companies we have dealt with...”
Words to describe Terry King; Flamboyant, humorous, sensible, outgoing, confident, committed and above all managing for results. Terry and Diana are a great team and their success is due to their passion and commitment in matching people with a property that suits their requirement.
We have sold a number of Remuera properties through the Kings of real estate and our dealings with both Terry and Diana have been most pleasant and best of all very successful.
Thumbs up to Terry and Diana, a cut above other companies we have dealt with.
Best wishes
Hobbe & Christa Numan  
“...Throughout the process we found Terry and Diana to be highly knowledgable in real estate, the Remuera property market and extremely professional and reliable in their communication and dealings with us...”
After house hunting for around 12 months and having met many real estate agents of which Terry King was one, it was clear to us that we would select the Kings to sell our house on our behalf, once we had found a property to purchase.
Our choice was based on two key factors. Firstly Terry’s ability to truly listen and understand our needs and secondly his marketing expertise. We were confident that the Kings as a team would provide the best marketing campaign for our home. We were right and much to our delight they sold it within 2 weeks.
Throughout the process we found Terry and Diana to be highly knowledgable in real estate, the Remuera property market and extremely professional and reliable in their communication and dealings with us. Additionally we believe that Terry really “gets” real estate. He is in it for the right reasons. He has highly tuned negotiation skills which aim for and for us achieved a win/win outcome, rather than him having a self- focus. We would definitely work with the Kings again and highly recommend them to other vendors.
Joanne and Kelvin Hyland
"...They delivered what they promised and they definitely tried their hardest to achieve the best possible result..."
When it came to selling our house we wanted to make the right decision on who should be our agent. A very hard decision. Terry and Diana had a huge presence in our local area and also live in it.
Their pitch to us, as to why we should have them as our agent, was very impressive. It was informative and comprehensive and it gave us a feeling that these people were thorough, organised and knew the market. It came across that they were passionate about what they do.
We saw these traits throughout the “sell” process. They delivered what they promised and they definitely tried their hardest to achieve the best possible result.
I would happily recommend Terry & Diana. They are very caring, considerate and easy to work with.
Kristin Liggins.
"...You cannot question Terry & Diana's passion and enthusiasm for homes and selling properties, and would not hesitate to recommend them as agents for selling your property..."
We met Terry and Diana at an open home they were showing and were aware of them as very high profile agents, and have to admit was initially a little hesitant when they approached to be agents to sell our home as the property was not as high profile.
We were heading overseas for 3 weeks and during that time Terry and Diana believed they could effectively market and sell our home, and I told them only to present offers we could not refuse.
On target as we returned to New Zealand they presented an acceptable offer and the deal was done.
The involvement required from our side was minimal and it was a very hassle free process. The Kings conduct is very professional and shows respe