About Us - Unequalled Marketing Expertise

The Kings offer a unique combination of marketing, advertising and selling skills.
Terry is one of New Zealand’s best known advertising identities, building and leading Mackay King to its pre-eminent position as the most successful and awarded local advertising agency of its time. He then negotiated that company’s sale to Saatchi & Saatchi and was the Holding Company Chairman of New Zealand’s largest communications company.
Terry has been the strategist behind many of New Zealand’s most successful brands. National Business Review has described him as ‘New Zealand’s most Creative Suit’. In April 2008, he became one of a select few to enter the NZ Advertising Hall of Fame.
Diana is recognised for her natural sales and marketing abilities. She has previously successfully launched market-leading consumer brands and established and managed her own hospitality supply company. Her additional background in property law, financing and corporate headhunting brings added relevance to her partnership with Terry.
Prior to establishing the Remuera Real Estate Register, Terry and Diana were the top agents at one of New Zealand's major real estate agencies which employs 1,400 agents.
The Kings have a passion for property
Alongside advertising, Terry’s other passion has always been property. Terry and Diana have brought and redeveloped a number of homes, and their passion has been obvious to all who know them and to the media as well. Diana and Terry’s last housing project, ‘Lammermoor’, was a lead feature in NZ House and Garden. Have a look at the website and read for yourself what other people have to say about their understanding of property.www.nzhouseandgarden.co.nz/Articles/FitforaKing.asp
The Kings will immediately understand the uniqueness of your home
They can ‘see’ and appreciate the key features that will appeal to potential buyers and just as importantly be able to define the ‘characteristics’ of those buyers.
The Kings understand the people who are most likely to buy your property
Their experience shows that the most likely people to buy your home are people ‘just like you’. People who will buy it for similar reasons as to why it appealed to you in the first place. They spend time analysing these key reasons and the characteristics that then define your true target market. In essence it is really no different to selling anyone key consumer products or brands. It is here The Kings’ past experience and proven marketing expertise come to the fore.
The more specific you are in defining your target market, developing a marketing strategy specifically to reach them and an advertising program that reflects this strategy, the more likely you are to find the ‘right’ buyer who sees the value you see in your property.
The Kings have been vendors in this current market and understand how different it is from ‘the boom times’
They understand better than most the need to be focused in the marketing approach - the need to produce advertising that not only ‘stands out’ but is also clearly directed at the ‘real’ potential buyer. They also absolutely understand the need to always be available to potential buyers and to their vendors. That is why they work as an integrated team to ensure that you get ‘twice the service’ offered by most other agents.
The Kings have achieved some outstanding results
What is just as important however, is what their clients have to say about the experience of working with Diana and Terry.


What Terry and Diana do in their free time
Terry and Diana, when they do get time in between their real estate commitments, have a variety of interests which they share and enjoy.
Terry loves to look on Trade Me for classic cars, which could one day grace a large garage, Bentleys are at the top of his list, followed closely by MG’s, Rovers and certain models of Mercedes. He has been known to press the wrong button and inadvertently end up winning an auction, and then have to explain his way out of the sale. Terry is also great at acquiring – if you ask him for an antique chest for outdoor cushions, he will find one. Nothing is impossible - chandeliers, wall sconces, room dividers, rugs. A favourite pastime of this couple is to go to the Cordys Auction monthly sales, which incorporates viewing on the Sunday before, then a night out on the Tuesday of the auction and possibly across the road to the Grand Thai for dinner in between – a great night, quite often shared with friends with a similar interest in antique finds.
Holidays are usually in the sun. Diana enjoys skiing – but Terry does not like the cold, so they are lucky enough to have a very good friend who has a villa in a little hill town in Tuscany called Cortona where they live the village life, visiting cities and towns like Sienna, Florence, Lucca, Spoleto, Perugia etc for the morning, then back to the privacy of the villa’s pool and surrounds. As Diana is an avid cook, they love to self cater when they are away, sampling the local provisions and trying different recipes. It is great fun trying to buy certain cuts of meat at the local butcher, with the language barrier. Diana has been known to say “bambina” and then elicit a loud “mooooooooo…..” to get the point across for veal. Another favourite destination is an island called Fafa, off the coast of Nuku’alofa in Tonga, where they enjoy absolute privacy and peace, great food, early nights, reading and playing the word games, Scrabble and Quiddler. On that note, Diana has recently been introduced to the Iphone app – “Words with Friends” and can often be seen deeply entrenched in a whole list of games with friends from far and wide – a great way to keep up with overseas contacts!!
Diana also loves flowers – and flower arranging is one of her joys!! The house is usually full of them, and she is great at finding the best deals, as they can get pricey. For many years Diana has done the flowers at Dove House at the St Andrews Hospice Village in Glendowie, but latterly her real estate commitments have taken her away from this job. But she will definitely get back to it in the future as the atmosphere and camaraderie of the volunteers is a wonderful elixir in soothing stress and emphasizing the importance of being very grateful for your life as it is in the present.
And then there is her sewing…..if Diana had her way she would sew and design all day. She loves knitting and dressmaking/designing. A lot of her projects are given to friends and family – as it is all about the creation, as opposed to the need.